2017 YLA Costs

Young Leaders Access Program Costs

In an effort to make the program accessible to all individuals MCW will cover flight costs related to the attendance of the program for every accepted participant. Flights will only be booked to arrive one day in advance of the program (July 24th) and to depart one day after the program (August 4th). If you wish to travel in the US for longer than this time, you must book the flight on your own and MCW will reimburse you for the cost of the flight according to what MCW would have booked. No exceptions will be made.

MCW will cover all costs during the program (July 25th- August 3rd ) including housing, food, travel, and program material.

MCW requires that all participants pay for on the ground costs including passport, visa, and in-country travel fees.
Participants are responsible for obtaining all visa and travel documents to be sent to MCW before June 24th. Travel will only be booked after receiving all the required international travel documents, including a valid visa.

If a participant delays in applying for his/her visa after being accepted into the program and as a result will receive the visa less than a month before the program begins, travel will no longer be provided.

If MCW is booking any travel on behalf of a participant, all travel will be according to the most cost efficient route.

MCW will provide a room the night before and after the program for those whose flight schedules require them to arrive the day before or depart after the program. This is considered to be a part of the program, and it is the responsibility of the participant to notify MCW at least a month before the start of the program if they require housing. Requests for a room later than this period of time will not be considered. Please note that for those arriving or departing more than 24 hours before the start or the end of the program, a room will not be provided. These participants are expected to find their own accommodations. MCW (including staff, volunteers, board members, friends of MCW) are not responsible for providing accommodations for participants prior to or beyond the program.

MCW expects that all participants are respectful of the amount which is granted and patient with MCW staff members throughout the process. We have a limited staff and they work with a high volume of participants.