Oral Health Care

MCW’s Oral Health Care Program aims to achieve improved oral health status for all Tanzanians. Using an inter-disciplinary approach, MCW strives to build the capacity of health professionals to tackle the oral health workforce shortage. We work with dentists, nurses and mid-level professionals (dental Therapists). In partnership with multi-level leadership in government and dental institutions in Tanzania, MCW identifies projects that are in line with the strategic Oral Health plan of the Tanzanian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and that are sustainable.

Dental Outreach Training Program for Dental Therapists

In alignment with Tanzania’s strategic Oral Health Plan 2012-2017, the MCW Dental Outreach Training Program is partnering with dental therapy training schools in the country to develop and strengthen a community dental outreach program aligned with community dentistry curriculae.

MUHAS School of Dentistry in Dar es Salaam

To ensure sustainability of Tanzania’s only dental school, MCW undertook a series of collaborative projects over the last decade to upgrade the MUHAS Dental School’s equipment. The current and fourth phase of this collaboration is the establishment of a faculty and graduate clinic, which aims to both improve the clinical training at both undergraduate and graduate levels and contribute to the school’s sustainability.

Global Nurse Scholar Program

The Tanzanian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, MUHAS, NYU College of Nursing, and MCW have come together to develop a user-friendly, evidence-based curriculum to educate nurses in oral health. The curriculum will serve as the basis of a stand-alone capacity-building / continuing professional development program that a nurse of any education level could complete as part of his/her career advancement. A subsequent goal will be to modify and incorporate the content into an undergraduate course for nursing education / training at both a university and diploma level.

  • Private-Public Partnership

    MCW brings public, private and non-profit sector partners together to leverage their shared resources and expertise in the area of oral health.

  • Local Leadership

    MCW’s oral health care projects are shaped, developed and implemented by our local partners from both the private and public sectors.

  • Sustainability

    At the core of our oral health care projects is a commitment to achieve financial and organizational sustainability.

Global Partners