Young Leaders Program

The Young Leaders Access Program is a one year program which begins with the Young Leaders Incubator, a one-week intensive retreat which prepares youth between the ages of 18 and 26 from around the world who graduate as “Young Leaders” and commit to spending a year making change in their communities.

The Young Leaders Regional Conference is a 3-day conference that brings together young leaders in a specific region and focuses on creating a unique action plan to address an issue in his/her community. Workshops, lectures, and experiential learning make up the conference. The conference brought together youth from Europe and the Middle East, united by the goal of creating positive change in their communities. Click here for more information.

The Young Leaders Workshop is a one-day vision planning session which builds on the YLP curriculum. We bring together professionals in the New York City area who are interested in acquiring skills and tools to implement their ideas of change.  After preparing their vision plans, attendees presented their ideas in short elevator pitch form to their colleagues.

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    Vision Plans

    Participants come to the MCW Youth Leadership Retreat with an idea of a community challenge they want to address. During the retreat, this idea is turned into a “vision plan,” which lays out an innovative way of addressing that challenge.

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    Grant Opportunity

    Retreat graduates have the opportunity to turn their vision plans into concrete projects by applying to the MCW Alumni Ventures Fund, which provides a year of start-up funding and mentorship to recipients.

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    Cultural Competency

    MCW uses the cultural diversity of its international participants as a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and build relationships.

20th Anniversary of the Young Leaders Program
Alumni Small Grants
It’s been twenty retreats since the first Youth Leadership Retreat! In the past years the program has undergone many changes, locations, and even a new name – The Young Leaders Program. Celebration is an important part of growth in any organization and we want to give you, the alumni of the program, the chance to celebrate.

MCW is awarding grants of $500 to alumni who want to host a YLP event to celebrate the 20th Anniversary. This can be anything from a guest speaker, to a dinner, to a volunteer project. The event must take place during 2017 and must relate to MCW and the YLP in some way.

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