MCW Global’s commitment to leadership and community development has led to the formation of the Young Leaders Program: a collection of four distinct opportunities for young leaders with a desire to play their part in the positive transformation of their communities. 

By providing training, mentorship, funding, and networks, the diverse opportunities offered under our Young Leaders Program cater to the needs of the modern young leader: a pragmatic idealist with an urgent impetus for local and global change.

What We Offer

A year-long training program open to young leaders from across the world who have identified and are committed to solving a community challenge in the areas of health, education, and economic security through project-building and close mentorship. Read more
A three-four month culturally immersive internship working on community development projects in health, education, and/or economic security at one of MCW Global’s affiliate organizations in Africa (Rwanda, Tanzania, and Zambia). Read more
A three-day conference where young leaders from the same geographical region congregate to dissect the prevailing challenges in their community and collaborate in solving them through leveraging regional networks facilitated by MCW Global. Read more
A professional mentorship and seed grant opportunity offered to alumni of the above programs to scale their existing community development work in health, education, and/or economic security projects. Read more

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