2018 Young Leaders Conference in Egypt

MCW held the second Young Leaders Conference in Cairo, Egypt in April 2018, which was open to participants between the ages of 18-26 from across Africa. This year's conference was in partnership with Think Tank Development Solutions, a social venture acting as a knowledge hub for social development innovations introduced by young people. The three-day conference covered various topics such as environmental issues and gender while helping participants build critical skills needed for implementing community-focused action plans.MCW's Young Leaders Conference focused on cultivating and preparing youth to become leaders in their communities. The program was divided into three parts: individual leadership development, global citizenship (understanding different social issues, approaches to solving them, and our responsibility to act), and vision planning, where participants were taken through the steps to develop and implement their own initiatives. Projects designed by participants took into consideration unique cultures and histories of their respective communities and how to harness these aspects for more sustainable solutions.