Our Africa Programs support leaders who make greater levels of education, improved health, and increased economic security happen in Rwanda and Zambia. We run these programs, and other vocational training, social service, and/or educational programs out of our community centers in Rwanda and Zambia. Each center's programs are tailored to the unique needs of the community.

  • Local Ownership

    Critical to the sustainability of an MCW center is the commitment to empower the community to oversee and operate the centers. In each country where MCW works, it establishes a locally-registered organization, such as Miracle Corners-Tanzania (MC-T), which is led by a Board of Directors comprised of local stakeholders representing public bodies, businesses, non-profit organizations, and MCW-New York. The Board is a volunteer body responsible for all fiduciary, programmatic, and legal issues.

  • Low Cost - High Quality Education

    We offer high-quality, low-cost vocational training courses (e.g. sewing, construction, handicrafts and plumbing) to youth. At some centers, courses are offered at 20% of the market rate, enabling many segments of the population, who otherwise might not have been able to afford the fees, to register for classes.

  • Sustainability

    We work with local Boards of Directors in each country to make the center(s) sustainable both in financial and organizational terms.

  • Social Programs

    Bringing value to the communities where we work, our centers offer a number of social programs based on the specific needs of the community. Designed by the local Board of Directors, these programs range from youth group activities to trauma counseling and from performing arts and sports to reading comprehension.