Oral Health Care

Our Oral Health Care Program aims to achieve improved oral health status for all Tanzanians. Using an inter-disciplinary approach, we strive to build the capacity of health professionals in Tanzania to tackle the oral health workforce shortage, particularly dentists and dental therapists. Working in partnership with different government bodies, and dental institutions in the country, our projects are aligned with the strategic oral health plan of the Tanzanian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

Dental Outreach Education and Training for Dental Therapists

Our Dental Outreach Education and Training Program for Dental Therapists partners with dental therapy training schools in the Mbeya and Tanga regions to train dental therapist students to organize and execute bi-annual dental outreach programs.

Capacity Upgrades at MUHAS School of Dentistry

To ensure the sustainability of Tanzania’s only dental school, MCW Global facilitated a series of collaborative projects over the last decade dedicated to upgrading the MUHAS Dental School’s equipment. The current and fourth phase of this project is focused on establishing a faculty and graduate oral health clinic at MUHAS, which will improve undergraduate and graduate clinical training and contribute to the school’s overall financial sustainability.

Our Approach

  • Private-Public Partnership

    We bring international companies, national and local governments, academic experts, and non-profit organizations together to improve oral health for Tanzanians.

  • Local Leadership

    Our oral health projects are shaped, developed, and executed by our local partners.

  • Sustainability

    We are committed to achieving financial sustainability in all our projects.

Global Partners