MC-Zambia’s center in Chanyanya is at the center of a fishing village nestled on a lagoon off the Kafue River, approximately 22 miles from the town of Kafue.

Government education in Chanyanya ends at 9th grade and many youth find sustenance by fishing in the lagoon. MC-Zambia’s primary goal in Chanyanya is to catch school-aged youth as they finish at the government schools and enroll them into vocational skills training programs.

MC-Zambia offers programming in home economics, computers and information technology and handicraft production. Youth may also join a handicraft cooperative to manufacture products for sale in Lusaka, the capital, and the USA.

The center also offers a range of youth group and tutoring programs to supplement the education students receive at the government basic school. Programs include literacy education, a dance troupe, a debate society and athletic leagues.

2011 MC-Zambia Community Center