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Who We Are

Established in 2011, MC-Zambia’s center in Chanyanya is at the center of a fishing village nestled on a lagoon off the Kafue River, approximately 22 miles from the town of Kafue. Today MCZ works in 3 fishing communities within Kafue District to attain high levels of education, health, and social and economic status for its target beneficiaries. To achieve this, MCZ is implementing projects that provide literacy and Numeracy lessons to out-of-school children, supporting 10 schools within Kafue District with ICT equipment and skills and supporting women and youth in Chanyanya, Kasaka and Manyonyo communities with knowledge of financial literacy, Entrepreneurship and leadership. MCZ’s programs are all designed to suit the needs of the community as activities under each of its unique programs are based on the community’s priorities. Its current programs are community-led and afford its beneficiaries an opportunity to acquire different types of skills that can help improve their lives while influencing their own development.

The Need

Most of Chanyanya’s residents depend on fishing for their livelihoods. Since it is a seasonal occupation, the intense swings in economic activity take a drastic toll on people’s lives during the year. During the off season, Chanyanya consistently sees increased poverty levels, high rates of alcoholism, and unemployment. During the fishing season, when people are driven by the need to reap as much profit as possible in a small window of time, families often take their children out of school to help the family business. Many of these children do not return to the classroom. 

Chanyanya also lacks social opportunities for young people, which contributes to the high rates of illicit activities, such as alcohol and drug abuse. Young girl pregnancy rates are also high, along with the number of girls getting married at a tender age. Illiteracy rates for both children and adults are high, especially among young people. There is also a lack of access to clean and healthy water and sanitation health (WASH).

Our Solutions

What We Offer

The community center, the only one in the area, offers vocational, social, and literacy programs to everyone; however, children and youth are the ones who participate regularly. Behind our programs is the commitment to build community where children and youth become the young leaders of tomorrow.

Vocational Training Courses


Launched in 2012, our vocational training programs – ICT and Tailoring – offer Zambians the practical skills they need to find employment and to secure a steady income either in existing businesses or at ones they start.


Literacy Program

Open to both young and adult learners, our literacy program, Learn2Learn, aims to help children reach literacy levels required to continue with their education; and adults maintain their literacy levels in order to improve their livelihoods. The program also organizes public debates and field trips for the students to national parks. It also supports a library.

Economic security

Social Projects

Since 2012, we have offered youth a range of social activities, such as soccer, cultural clubs and majorettes. These activities provide them with the opportunity to speak about the issues affecting their lives and to come up with solutions. They also offer sensitization courses on critical health topics, who, in turn, share the information in the community. Recently, these courses have focused on hygienic and sanitation practices due to the lack of access to clean water.

Our Impact

We're making change

lives directly impacted by MCZambia in 2018
students have participated in ICT courses since 2015
students have participated in ICT courses in 2018
students have participated in Design, Cutting, & Tailoring since 2012
students have participated in Design, Cutting, & Tailoring in 2018
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of literacy program young students who have gone on to primary school
youth have participated in the literacy program since 2015
young students have participated in the literacy program in 2018
adults and young learners who participated in the literacy program in 2018
adults have participated in Literacy program since 2015
adults have participated in Literacy program in 2018
adults and young learners who participated in literacy program since the beginning

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+(260) 972 138 665


Plot No. 355, MCZ Center, ZNS Road, Chanyanya, Kafue Zambia

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Kingfisher Garden Court, 87 Central Street, Jesmondine, Lusaka Zambia

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