We built our first community center in 2001 in the Majengo Juu neighborhood of Arusha, a diplomatic center and the region’s safari capital. Named after the late Dr. Wrice, founder of “Turn Around America” and an MCW Global founding mentor, the center has offered computer/IT, English language, preschool education and cultural programs to the community for more than a decade. The computer room at the center is named in honor of the late Dr. Edward Shils, founder of the Wharton Entrepreneurial Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

Kipera, Songea

MCW Global was invited to Songea, in the southwest quadrant of the country, to establish a second community center in the village of Kipera on land donated to the organization by former District Commissioner Bertha Mende. The Commissioner had invited MCW Global’s co-founders to the region in 2003 to explore different opportunities for youth engagement and community development . Named after Ambassador Daudi Mwakawago, the former Ambassador to Tanzania’s Permanent Mission at the U.N., the center opened in 2005. Over the years, the center offered a wide-range of projects that were initiated and led by both MCW Global and the community, including IT training, farming classes, a nutrition program, literacy programs, English classes, and childcare. In November 2018, the land for the centre was transferred to the Songea Municipality for future use as a district hospital. Learn more

Downtown Songea

In 2009, responding to requests from the surrounding community, MCW Global opened a new IT center in downtown Songea.