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Who We Are

MCW Global works with the local MC-Tanzania Leadership Team (Board of Directors and Country Manager) to oversee the development and execution of the country plan, which focuses primarily on Oral Health Care.

The Need

MC-Tanzania’s work contributes towards improving oral health and dental care in Tanzania. By targeting communities such as those in Mbeya and Tanga, which are often excluded from access to proper healthcare and oral health education, MC-Tanzania’s projects capitalize on the potential of young dental therapists to be catalysts for change in their communities. The organization aims to see communities throughout Tanzania live free from oral and dental diseases.

Our Solutions

What We Offer

MC-Tanzania’s projects are centered around promoting good oral health within disadvantaged communities in and throughout Tanzania. The Dental Therapists’ Outreach Training is MC-Tanzania’s main project which is a year-long project conducted twice a year in the Mbeya and Tanga regions in collaboration with Colleges of Health and Allied Sciences. The goal of the Dental Therapists’ Outreach Training project is to develop and strengthen community dentistry by improving the ability of dental therapy students to set up and carry out Dental Outreach (i.e., education, screening, and treatment) for primary schools. MC-Tanzania provides both theoretical and practical training in community dentistry and leadership to dental therapy students to better prepare them to carry out preventative community-based oral health care in the country. MC-Tanzania is also a leading national voice in other oral healthcare outreach programs such as World Oral Health Day campaigns.


Oral Health Care Program

To achieve improved oral health status in Tanzania, we partner with Tanzanian partners to tackle the oral health workforce shortage in two ways: (1) Capacity upgrades at the MUHAS Dental School in Dar es Salaam; and (2) Dental Outreach Education and Training in the Mbeya and Tanga regions.

Our Impact

We're making change

in-kind donations to improve facilities at MUHAS Dental School in Tanzania
children received oral health education, screenings, and fluoride treatment during dental outreaches in Tanzania since 2014
Dental Therapy students have participated in outreaches in Tanzania since 2014

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ZO Spaces, 2nd Floor, Wing 2A, Plot No. 4, Block 45A, New Bagamoyo Road, Kijitonyama,
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania