Young Leaders Conference

Young Leaders Conference

From Kosovo to Albania, Egypt, Peru to North America, our Young Leaders Conference has brought together some of the brightest young minds to map out solutions to their community challenges.

Keep reading to hear what our alumni have to say about their experiences with the Conference.

Alumni Testimonials

“These three days were more useful than the months I spent in college. I learned about business and leadership. I learned so many things you can’t imagine. I was able to come up with a vision plan and strategies for action. The Young Leaders Conference exceed my expectations.”Victoire Ingabire, Rwanda
“I never thought I could make a strategic plan, study my stakeholders, and learn about obstacles for my small idea. This is my first time at a foreign conference and it was a pleasure and an honor to be a part of the conference. This has been an amazing experience.”Mohab Mustafa, Egypt

“YLC was the first time I had the opportunity to share my ideas for making a real change in my community. Definitely, the best part was getting to know more young people from around South America. I made friends for life and the networking we accomplished is really important for the development of our own projects. Thank you MCW for giving me this opportunity and believing in me!”
Verónica Solano, Peru

“Young Leaders Conference for me was an unforgettable experience that expanded my network regionally and globally. I have made great friends and today I even have the pleasure to collaborate with some participants of the conference. It created a community of like-minded change-makers that support each other no matter what.”
Eleni Nanaj, Albania

“Being part of the three day conference in Kosovo was a life changing experience for me and also my first step in my long journey with MCW. During this time I got to learn more about topics that I am interested in and most importantly learn how to write a project which I later implemented in my hometown in Albania. During the conference I got to meet other likeminded youngsters from Europe and I also got to know more about MCW organization and their opportunities.”
Nevila Muka, Kosovo
“YLC was an unforgettable experience, as it allowed me to expand my knowledge of mental health, gender equality and leadership. I also got to meet incredible young people with the same conviction to make a social impact in their community. I am very happy to have been a part of YLC, Peru.”
Claudia Tarazona, Peru

Vision Statements

Youth become agents of social change through leading social enterprises.Abdallah Hanbak
A generation of Egyptian youth who are politically aware.Heba Khaled
A world where the waste is turned into potential.Almohtadey Metwaly