Young Leaders Conference

Young Leaders Conference

The Young Leaders Conference empowers young leaders to address challenges in their communities by focusing on leadership, global citizenship, and vision planning. The 3-day event brings young leaders from across a specific region together to focus on creating an action plan that addresses an issue in their community, like climate change, poverty alleviation, and gender inequality through a series of workshops, lectures, and experiential learning. Learn more.






“These three days were more useful than the months I spent in college. I learned about business and leadership. I learned so many things you can’t imagine. I was able to come up with a vision plan and strategies for action. The Young Leaders Conference exceed my expectations.”Victoire Ingabire, Rwanda
“I never thought I could make a strategic plan, study my stakeholders, and learn about obstacles for my small idea. This is my first time at a foreign conference and it was a pleasure and an honor to be a part of the conference. This has been an amazing experience.”Mohab Mustafa, Egypt

Vision Statements

Youth become agents of social change through leading social enterprises.Abdallah Hanbak
A generation of Egyptian youth who are politically aware.Heba Khaled
A world where the waste is turned into potential.Almohtadey Metwaly