Young Leaders Conference

Young Leaders Conference

The three-day Young Leaders Conference brings participants, 18 to 26, from a specific geographic region together for a mini retreat, where they are introduced to the idea behind creating a vision plan that addresses an issue in their community, such as climate change, poverty alleviation, and gender inequality. These regional conferences also focus on skills development and networking building, critical ingredients in facilitating change. In 2018, we organized a conference in Egypt and, in 2017, in Kosovo. We are currently planning the first conference of 2019 between May 5- May 7 in Albania.




“These three days were more useful than the months I spent in college. I learned about business and leadership. I learned so many things you can’t imagine. I was able to come up with a vision plan and strategies for action. The Young Leaders Conference exceed my expectations.”Victoire Ingabire, Rwanda
“I never thought I could make a strategic plan, study my stakeholders, and learn about obstacles for my small idea. This is my first time at a foreign conference and it was a pleasure and an honor to be a part of the conference. This has been an amazing experience.”Mohab Mustafa, Egypt

Vision Statements

Youth become agents of social change through leading social enterprises.Abdallah Hanbak
A generation of Egyptian youth who are politically aware.Heba Khaled
A world where the waste is turned into potential.Almohtadey Metwaly