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At the request of Dr. Cohen’s Family, a special fund has been created to support MCW’s oral health care programs in Tanzania.  Dr. Cohen played a significant role in introducing oral health programs to MCW back in 2001.

Dr. Ruben Cohen helped initiate MCW’s Oral Health Care program in 2001 as a response to the needs of the Arusha community, where MCW’s first community center was established.  MCW organized a dental outreach project in which NYU students and faculty visited the MCW center for two weeks and provided free dental services to more than 200 patients.

The program was initiated by Dr. Cohen, who was Eddie’s residential advisor (RA) at NYU at the time.  Dr. Cohen was looking for a way to get involved with MCW and introduced MCW to NYU School of Dentistry.  This was the beginning of MCW’s long history in improving access to oral health across Tanzania.

Fast forward to today, MCW has reached over 10,000 Tanzanian children who received oral health education, screenings, and treatment during our dental outreaches.  Over $3 million dollars of in-kind donations to improve facilities at Tanzania’s MUHAS Dental School – impacting thousands of Tanzanian’s oral health.  More than 100 Dental Therapy Students have participated in outreaches since 2014.

With Dr. Cohen’s initial MCW introduction, his impact in Tanzania is exponential and inspires our continued efforts to improve access to oral health.

Dr. Cohen, who tragically passed away, believed in the importance of oral health and supporting communities around the world.  We plan to continue to carry Dr. Cohen’s vision through our oral health programs.