Leaders from MCW’s Community Centers Come Together at Training Seminar in Arusha, Tanzania

Leaders from MCW’s Community Centers Come Together at Training Seminar in Arusha, Tanzania

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ARUSHA, Tanzania, February 12, 2014 – MCW, a non-profit organization committed to empowering youth to be positive agents of change in their own communities, held its third Africa Community Leaders Seminar from February 6-9 in Arusha, the safari capital of the world.

MCW traces its roots in Africa back to Arusha, where it opened the first MCW youth center in Majengo Juu in 2000. Since then, the center has offered computer/IT, English language, preschool education and cultural activities, providing skills development and training to more than 500 youth each year.

Building on the experience in Arusha, MCW began its Community Development Imitative program. Today, CDI develops and supports community centers as spaces for training and skills development, entrepreneurship and social programs for youth, 18-35, living in underserved and marginalized communities. MCW currently has 5 centers, including 2 in Tanzania (Songea and Arusha), 1 in Sierra Leone (Kono), 1 in Zambia (Kafue), and 1 in Rwanda (Bugesera).

“The goal of our seminar was to give the participants the tools, confidence and networks to design and run government-accredited vocational and IT courses at the centers and to share business and

innovation strategies necessary to making the centers sustainable,” said Nate Crossley, the director of MCW’s Community Development Initiative.

Seminar participants included representatives from the local boards, country directors and center coordinators, from the four countries where MCW works in Africa, including Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Zambia. Members of the MCW Board of Directors and staff from the New York office also attended.

About MCW (Miracle Corners of the World)

MCW is a non-profit organization founded in 1999 with the vision of “Local Change through Global Exchange®.” Our mission is to empower youth to become positive agents of change in their communities. Based in New York with four affiliates in Africa, MCW offers the following programs: Leadership Training, Community Development and Oral Healthcare, as well as Partner Initiatives. www.mcwglobal.org

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