MCW Appoints Regina Leichner as Director of Africa Programs



Regina Leichner, center, was appointed MCW’s Director of Africa Programs. Regina is pictured here at a dental outreach in Mbeya, Tanzania as part of MCW’s Oral Health Care Program. Pictured with Regina is Agnes Butchwa, left, the Regional Dental Officer of Mbeya, and Fredrick Meena, right, MCW Senior Oral Health Care Fellow.

NEW YORK, NY, April 3, 2016 – MCW, a New York-based non-profit organization dedicated to addressing communities’ pressing needs by empowering current leaders and readying leaders of tomorrow, announced today the appointment of Regina Leichner as Director of Africa Programs.

“We are excited to have Regina take on the new Director of Africa Programs position,” says Khalid Elachi, MCW’s Chief Operating Officer. “Regina’s deep understanding of our programs and stakeholders developed over the last few years will help grow MCW’s programs and projects in Africa.”

As Director of Africa Programs, Regina will support and advise on Africa-related programming in both the Community Development and Oral Health Care Programs. She will work closely with team members and stakeholders from MCW’s community centers in Rwanda, Tanzania, and Zambia, as well as with Oral Health Care Fellows in Tanzania. The Director of Africa Programs will serve on the MC-Rwanda, MC-Tanzania, and MC-Zambia Boards as a liaison to the MCW Global team in New York. She will be based out of New York with significant travel to Africa based on program and project needs.

“As the core international initiative of MCW, Community Development ties together the past, present and future of MCW’s global commitment,” says Paul Bergman, member of the MCW Board of Directors and Chair of the Community Development committee. “Over the years, the greatest community impact has occurred through the alignment of community needs with the local vision of the organization’s leaders and advisors and MCW’s global mission. In this context, we are very excited to welcome Regina as Director of Africa Programs, given her unique and strong commitment to achieving measurable results through teamwork and consensus building.”

Regina has been a member of the MCW team since 2013, when she began an internship and was later offered a fellowship as Program Officer with MCW’s Oral Health Care Program, working closely with Oral Health Care Projects Director Dr. Marion Bergman. In 2014, Regina assumed a new role as Programs Manager with our Oral Health Care Program and as the Youth Leadership Retreat Coordinator. With her support, MCW improved upon the Young Leaders Program by developing a curriculum while working with the Young Leaders Program Committee. Additionally, she provided support to the Alumni Ventures Fund by formalizing the mentor/mentee process.

“All of our programs in Africa have so much potential, so I’m very excited to have the chance to work with such diverse and dynamic teams across the continent,” says Regina. “I’m also very grateful to have the opportunity to grow within MCW.”

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