New York, New York, August 1, 2021 – MCW Global held its 5th edition of the Young Leaders Conference Program virtually between July 30th and August 1st. The virtual program brought together young leaders from the United States and Canada to develop critical skills needed to become community leaders with a focus on Social Justice and Social Entrepreneurship. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference took place virtually via e-modules and online learning with three primary learning outcomes: Modern Leadership, Social Justice, and Social Entrepreneurship.

During the program, participants were introduced to redefining leadership, personal leadership building, engaging with communities, and developing soft skills. The conference focused on fostering a safe and welcoming environment for the participants where they felt comfortable contributing to discussions regarding social justice and social entrepreneurship. The aspiring young leaders kicked off the conference by participating in several fun activities to bond and get to know each other. Next, they transitioned into the Modern Leadership portion of the program by sharing their own experiences regarding leadership and defining what leadership means to them.

During the leadership section of the program, alumni of the Young Leaders Access Program, Cody Jacobs, Co-Founder of the Open Grange; Alexandria Brady-Mine, Founder and Executive Director of The Human Projects and Leejoo Hwang Co-founder of Meaningful Work shared their experiences of helping their communities. Dr. Charles Robbins, Professor at Stonybrook University, Executive Director of Center for Changing Systems of Power, and MCW Board Member; Dr. Severine Minot, Assistant Professor of the School of the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences at Habib University; Burrell Poe Director of Chicago Peace Fellows at the Golden Institute and Zarie Locke Trans peer health specialist at Victory programs and Youth Leader at BAGLY spoke to influence and inspire the young leaders to want to play a role in making their communities more just. Practicing social entrepreneurs, Autumn Breon, Founder of Autumn Breon Projects and Swati Argade, Founder and Creative Director at Bhoomki also spoke and discussed how they addressed social issues in their communities in the last session of the conference.

“The conversations we have had so far in this conference have been so diverse and rich. It makes me realize that there is so much important content missing from our social studies curriculums in middle and high school,” commented Sudiksha Devanathan from Ontario, Canada after the leadership session.

After listening to Eddie Bergman, Co-founder of MCW Global, at the closing of the conference, Atiyah Hack-Russell from New Jersey expressed, “Your insight and passion is greatly appreciated, thank you!”

James Peak from Georgia was grateful for the opportunity. “Thank you to the organizers and the coordinators for making the conference possible and interactive and engaging.”

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