MCW Updates Mission and Vision Statements



NEW YORK, NY February 1, 2016 – After a six-month strategic planning engagement with Wellspring Consulting, MCW Global Board of Directors announced an update to the organization’s mission statement: “To address communities’ pressing needs by empowering current leaders and readying leaders of tomorrow.”

MCW Chief Operating Officer Khalid Elachi explained the update, “After sixteen years of operation and growth, MCW understood the need to refine and focus our mission and visions to better reflect the work we do across our programs. The heart and soul of MCW remains the same as we continue to empower communities and their leaders.”
MCW also revised its vision statement to read: “Communities throughout the world achieve greater levels of education, improved health and increased economic security”. This reflects the organization’s three primary programs, including its Young Leaders Program, Oral Health Care, and Community Development.

”We are very excited about this new chapter in MCW’s history,” says Eddie Bergman, MCW Co-Founder and President of the Board of Directors. “Our previous mission and vision statements reflected our organization for over a decade and we are pleased that they have been refreshed to reflect the growth of the organization. The updated statements provide a clearer depiction of the impact MCW hopes to have in the near future.”

MCW’s core values, “integrity, compassion, accountability, responsibility and excellence”, remain the same.

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