Adrien Bizimana MC-Rwanda Program Officer


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the lives of many people around the world. We asked MC-Rwanda’s Program Officer Adrien Bizimana how he has been managing with the threat of the coronavirus. Adrien said, “The unusual times of [the] pandemic has taught me that human cooperation is the source of all the answers to our daily problems. This means that whoever comes together no longer fails. In this regard, I chose to stay clean and obey all precautions given by the Ministry of Health and follow all COVID-19 related news updates. The pandemic has pushed me to analyze what kind of support can be useful for my community at this current moment. The idea came to me, and it involved helping the village market get W.A.S.H stations to help the clients and vendors stay clean during the pandemic. In addition to that, the thought of helping the vulnerable by providing barrier masks and sharing posters that have lifesaving information. With MC-Rwanda, I mobilized a group of 88 youth volunteers and directed their energy to help provide preventative public health information. The information informed people on how they can limit their exposure to the virus in their homes. Some of these youth contributed directly by assisting with hands-on activities, others by spreading the message on broadcasting vehicles, and more volunteering."

Adrien added that he is "proud to see an improved level of awareness concerning COVID -19. In the community people are following the preventive measures we taught them. This milestone has proven that with community cooperation and MC-Rwanda’s teamwork, we can address our community needs and problems.”