MCW Global Launches Community Leaders in Africa Internship Program


NEW YORK, NY, Nov 4, 2019 – MCW Global launches a new program that supports alumni of the Young Leaders Access Program to further develop the skills necessary to address the urgent needs of communities around the world. Over the next three years, the program will introduce six interns to work directly with Country Mangers at one of MCW’s affiliate organizations in Rwanda, Tanzania, and Zambia.

The Community Leaders in Africa Internship Program (CLA) is a 3 to 6-month community-based internship which will provide alumni the opportunity to work on projects aimed at building skills in project management, monitoring & evaluation, and reporting for cross-cultural understanding in an international context.

“The Community Leaders in Africa program has been designed with the intention to provide a platform for our YLA Alumni to achieve a hands-on experience working in communities globally. Through this internship program, they will get real insight into the professional development world, while working on projects that they are passionate about! I also strongly believe CLA will play a pivotal role in keeping YLA alumni actively engaged and connected with MCW,” said Anusha Somani, MCW’s Community Leaders in Africa Coordinator and YLA alumna.

The internship program links two of MCW’s major programs, the Young Leaders Program and Africa Programs in an innovative way. MCW concentrates on cementing skills and leadership development as fundamental principles to improve economic security, improved health, and higher levels of education around the world; reinforcing the organization’s vision.
“Our affiliate organizations are all implementing very ambitious strategic plans for growth over the next few years, and the Community Leaders in Africa Internship allows for our alumni to carry out unique projects that meaningfully contribute to driving the organizations forward,” said Regina Leichner, MCW’s Director of Africa Programs.

The establishment of the internship program is consistent with creating opportunities for collective impact across the organization through providing an avenue for alumni to grow personally while contributing meaningfully to the communities of affiliate organization.

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