MC-Zambia Begins Partnership with Tevel B’Tzedek


New York, NY,  November  13, 2019 – MC-Zambia, the local affiliate organization of MCW (Miracle Corners of the World) based in New York, begins a new partnership with Tevel b’ Tzedek, an Israeli organization operating in Nepal and Zambia. The collaboration aims to support the implementation of a livelihood improvement project in Chanyanya, Zambia. The project is proposed to run for an initial period of two years and is focused on providing better opportunities to achieve economic security through improved agricultural management.

The partnership builds on MC-Zambia’s commitment to providing a path for people in Chanyanya to attain economic security through skills development training. The livelihood improvement project is focused on providing resources that support women and youth in agriculture. The program is an entirely co-designed, collaboration between MC-Zambia and Tevel, utilizing a needs-based concentrated assessment in Chanyanya to develop a project focused on agricultural services.

The agriculture program is MC-Zambia’s first venture into the sector. Chanyanya is primarily composed of an economy dependent on fishing, and agriculture serves as another significant source of income for people in the community. The partnership with Tevel answers the indispensable need for an agricultural assistance program in Chanyanya to help farmers increase yields and productivity during periods of intensified water scarcity and drought. MC-Zambia’s expertise in vocational skills training, combined with Tevel’s specialization in irrigation technologies for dryland agriculture, is an effective intervention to increase food security.

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