COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Response


COVID-19 Pandemic Response

In just a matter of weeks, our world has changed drastically. Social distancing is our new reality for protecting those who are the most at risk in our communities. MCW's work is inherently social and community-focused, and we have taken quick action to adapt during these challenging times.
We understand the economic and emotional toll this crisis has taken on communities - especially those we serve. To deliver needed programs and services, MCW has maintained critical staff with the difficult decision of suspending new hires and filling staff vacancies. In Tanzania, Rwanda, and Zambia, where our affiliates operate, governments have temporarily closed schools and training centers. As international travel restrictions remain enforced, the opportunity to bring young leaders from around the world is no longer realistic.
With an unpredictable future, difficult cutbacks to our Africa Programs will prevent us from delivering essential upgrades needed for reaching educational excellence, including updated equipment for IT and tailoring students. Our Young Leaders Program will not be able to hold its in-person program, preventing critical social interactions. While we have made cuts to our budget with as minimal impact on our programs as possible, we are confident MCW will be in a position to continue to positively impact leaders and communities with your support.
As we evaluate and navigate this uncertain time, we hope you and your loved ones are in good health. We believe leadership amidst these challenging times continues to be one of the strongest ways to address communities' needs.
In times like this, the work of MCW is more crucial than ever before and our team is passionately working towards a bright future. Our team and global leaders are in it for the long haul - we hope you can join us too!
We truly appreciate everyone's support over the last 20 years.
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