MCW Global Awards 2020 Alumni Ventures Fund Grants


NEW YORK, NY, JUNE 1, 2020 – MCW Global awarded two Alumni Ventures Fund (AVF) grants, totaling over $6,500 to Made Sunaya from Indonesia and Anmol Zehra from Pakistan.  Both young leaders are working with grassroots organizations on projects that will make a difference in their own communities.

“AVF continues to showcase the power of young leaders to execute their vision and demonstrate their impact locally tapping in a network of global supports of funding and mentors.” says Charmaine Peart-HoSang, member of the AVF selection committee. “AVF supplies young, talented leaders with funds and mentoring, which enables them to execute a project to make meaningful social change in their communities,” added Sharon Kess, member of the AVF selection committee and founding AVF donor.

Each AVF recipient will receive one year of professional mentorship and a grant to help turn their ideas for change in their communities into concrete projects, drawing from their experience of developing a “vision plan” as participants in MCW Global’s Young Leaders Access (YLA) Program.

The AVF grant will support Made’s mission of “A place where Indonesian Children and Youth have the awareness and ability to maintain a healthy and green environment.” The grant will help the Indonesian youth stay active, be involved and become environmental leaders.

In Pakistan, the AVF grant will support Anmol’s mission of A community of healthy individuals with access to health facilities and compassionate healthcare systems in Pakistan.” In the era of technology, the grant will provide with the opportunity to reach out to people living in far flung areas through internet, creating a digital platform to connect efficient underutilized doctors with patients with less resources and unmet needs.

With the addition of Made and Anmol, MCW Global will have awarded 19 grants to program alumni totaling over $67,000 since establishing the Alumni Ventures Fund in 2009. Preparations are now underway for MCW Global’s 23rd Young Leaders Access Program to be held virtually from August 1st – September 15th.

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