Meet Our Newest Team Member – Dr. Katanta Simwanza


New York, New York, June 5, 2023 – MCW Global is excited to share that our team has grown with the addition of Dr. Katanta Simwanza as the new MC-Tanzania Country Manager. Our work at MCW has given us the privilege of advancing, among other causes, oral health across the world. It is in Tanzania that we have made the biggest oral health impact with the commitment of exceptional team members from our MC-Tanzania affiliate. This time around, and for the first time in MCW’s history, we have a qualified dentist on our team whose experience in leadership and oral health is sure to buttress our existing efforts.

Dr. Katanta is a development and public health specialist with over 15 years of experience in dentistry, project, and business management. As a transformative, analytical, and forward-thinking leader, Dr. Katanta is renowned for his ability to articulate visions, develop and implement strategies, and thrive in fast-paced work environments. 

Prior to his current role at MC-Tanzania, Dr. Katanta worked with several international non-governmental organizations including EngenderHealth, Plan International, Deloitte Consulting Limited, and Pathfinder International. He has also served as a resource partner for various ministries of the Government of Tanzania and several local organizations, institutions, and movements. In addition to his professional experience, Dr. Katanta has served as a Tutor and Medical Officer for the Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences.

Dr. Katanta holds a degree of the Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) (Muhimbili College of Health and Allied Sciences) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Computing Sciences (PGDSc) both from the University of Dar es Salaam, and a Masters of Community Economic Development from the Open University of Tanzania. He has also received advanced professional certificates in Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health from Geneva Foundation for Medical Education & Research and Professional Development Program for Gender Trainer (PDPGT) from KIT-Royal Tropical Institute.

When asked why he chose to pursue dental surgery, Dr. Katanta shared the following:

“Growing up, I was surrounded by a high prevalence of dental diseases within my community where oral health services were scarce. I, and many other children and elders alike, personally experienced the pain of dental abscesses and oral health diseases and this led me to pursue medicine at undergraduate level with a focus on dental surgery. In making this decision, I was also  greatly influenced by my uncle who was a doctor himself and had used his profession to make people’s lives better. I wanted to emulate that.“

In terms of his vision for oral health in Tanzania, Dr. Katanta hopes to see increased investments in high quality oral health services through training of oral health care providers as there is a shortage of oral health care providers particularly dental surgeons, dental therapists, dental nurses and community health workers. 

As MC-Tanzania’s Country Manager, Dr. Katanta is looking forward to strengthening the relationship with the government, particularly with the department which leads the provision of oral health care services in the country. This includes MC-Tanzania assisting the government in the development and review of policies, standard operating procedures, guidelines, and the strategic plan for oral health. 

As a Country Manager, Dr. Katanta is also excited to collaborate with other institutions and organizations to form a Technical Working Group for Oral Health Services which will invite the government as the chair and will include non-governmental organizations, medical professionals, and professionals working on gender based violence, family planning and sexual and reproductive health. This working group will serve as a body that plans strategically for the future and ensures proper integration of medical and dental services.

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