MCW Global Holds Fourth Community Leaders Seminar in Zambia

MCW Global holds Community Leaders Seminar in Zambia

Team members from MCW’s international network meet in Lusaka, Zambia for the Fourth Community Leaders Seminar in October 2016

New York, NY, November 17, 2016 — MCW Global held its fourth Community Leaders Seminar from October 19-21 in Lusaka, Zambia to enhance the capacity of MCW’s local managers to operate high-impact, financially and socially sustainable community centers in their respective communities.

Bringing together the leadership of MCW’s international network, the seminar reinforced the shared purpose across MCW stakeholders and established a common understanding of shared policies and parameters. Topics included innovation and cost-effective programming, financial accountability and reporting, reporting against objectives, establishing monitoring and evaluation, and resource mobilization. Updates were also given on MCW’s strategic plans, programs, and objectives.

“It was exciting to bring together so many diverse professionals to share best practices across the Community Development Program,” says Regina Leichner, MCW Director of Africa Programs. “We had the opportunity to leverage a lot of experience and to intimately involve so many stakeholders. I think MCW and our partner organizations across Africa are in a good position to start off 2017 very strong.”

Seminar participants included Board Members and Country Directors of MCW partner organizations in Africa, including Rwanda, Tanzania, and Zambia. Also in attendance were MCW Global team members including Chief Operating Officer Khalid Elachi, MCW staff member Nitya Ramanathan, and MCW Board Member Humera Qazi.

“The annual seminar in Africa is a fantastic opportunity for our African and Global team members to re-connect and engage in dialog around the programs and initiatives at work,” says Humera Qazi, MCW Board Member. “The outcome is focused on finding the most appropriate and most needed services for the communities we serve, to be delivered under the most effective and efficient means possible.”

In addition to attending the seminar, MCW team members also visited the MC-Zambia center in Chanyanya to see first-hand the programs currently offered, including classes in literacy education, computer technology, and tailoring, providing the team with an opportunity to meet the beneficiaries of the center’s programs.

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